Speaker Announced: Dr Joseph Borlagdan – BROTHERHOOD OF ST LAURENCE

Dr Joseph Borlagdan

Dr Joseph Borlagdan is a Principal Research Fellow at the Research and Policy Centre, Brotherhood of St Laurence. He is currently leading a longitudinal study investigating the effectiveness of the Education First Youth Foyers, an innovative model supporting young people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. Joseph is passionate about the role of sociology in addressing social problems, and is the Applied Sociology Portfolio Leader of The Australian Sociological Association Executive Committee. Joseph gained a PhD in Sociology from Flinders University in 2005 and is an Honorary Senior Fellow in the School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne.

Speaker Announced: Colin Falconer – INSPIRECHILLI

Colin Falconer

Colin Falconer is Director of Inspirechilli, a training and development agency that specialises in asset-based approaches, and an expert advisor for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.  He is currently launching ‘Team for Young People’, a new collective that seeks to harness the power of self-employed young entrepreneurs with experiences of disadvantage.  Previously, Colin was the driving force behind Open Talent and Advantaged Thinking during 15 years as Director of Innovation at UK youth charity Foyer Federation.  Colin is a TEDx speaker, a Master’s graduate from University of East Anglia, and a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts.


Dr Paul Denborough

Dr Paul Denborough is a child and youth psychiatrist and clinical director of Alfred Child and Youth Mental Health service and South East Melbourne headspace. His clinical areas of expertise include chronic fatigue syndrome, anorexia nervosa and single session family interventions. As clinical director his main task is to implement recovery orientated practice in both the state funded and federally funded service’s that he runs. Given that he works in a child and youth service helping staff feel confident and skilled in delivering family based interventions has been a major focus of his work.

Speaker Announced: Greg McGahan – MATER YOUNG ADULT HEALTH CENTRE

Greg McGahan

Greg has a Masters in Mental Health Nursing and qualifications in Health Management. He has worked extensively with young people for over 20 years. He has managed Adolescent Mental Health units in Queensland and has also had project and policy roles focusing on mental health. For the past 4 years he has been planning commissioning and managing Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane which provides a range of health , mental health , restorative justice, alcohol and other drug services to young people aged 16-25. The centre provides over 7000 occasions a year of care to young people and has developed innovative models of care.

Speaker Announced: Matt Runnals – MINDFULL AUS

Matt Runnals

Matt Runnalls over the last several years has worked tirelessly as a mental health advocate, creating awareness, acceptance and education. Having lived with mental illness, surviving suicide attempts, experiencing homelessness & having lost several friends to suicide dating back to the age of 12, Matt utilises his lived experiences to encourage others to feel comfortable to speak up and manage their wellbeing just as he continues to do. Since devoting himself to advocacy full-time, Matt has delivered over 100 speeches, workshops, and events across Australia, Canada, and America. His story and journey have been featured in books, documentaries, songs, podcasts, films and throughout most  Australian media outlets. Most recently, Matt’s work was recognized as he was recipient of the 2018 Australia Day Medallion.

Keynote Announced

The Foyer Foundation are delighted to announce that Brendan Murray – Director Article 26 – has agreed to present the Keynote at the Foyer Foundation Annual Conference 2018.

Brendan Murray is an educationalist, a justice advocate and a human rights proponent with a particular interest in inclusive schools, education directed to the full development of the human personality and justice systems that accord its prisoners with respect and dignity for betterment of its society.

Brendan has most recently worked as the founding Executive Principal of Parkville College, a Victorian Government School for all children and young people detained in custody in Victoria.

Brendan has previously worked as a Senior Policy Advisor for the Victorian Government within the Youth Partnerships Secretariat and he was the Principal for the pioneering Pavilion School in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Brendan also worked a leader in the community services areas of multiple and complex needs, criminal justice, psychiatric disability rehabilitation, youth residential care and homeless and street outreach services.

Brendan was awarded the Victorian Education Excellence Award for the Outstanding Secondary Teacher of 2009 and the Australian Federal Closing the Gap Award of 2009 for strengthening relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. In 2014 he was recognised by Monash University as the Education Faculty’s Distinguished Alumni.