Keynote Announced

The Foyer Foundation are delighted to announce that Brendan Murray – Director Article 26 – has agreed to present the Keynote at the Foyer Foundation Annual Conference 2018.

Brendan Murray is an educationalist, a justice advocate and a human rights proponent with a particular interest in inclusive schools, education directed to the full development of the human personality and justice systems that accord its prisoners with respect and dignity for betterment of its society.

Brendan has most recently worked as the founding Executive Principal of Parkville College, a Victorian Government School for all children and young people detained in custody in Victoria.

Brendan has previously worked as a Senior Policy Advisor for the Victorian Government within the Youth Partnerships Secretariat and he was the Principal for the pioneering Pavilion School in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Brendan also worked a leader in the community services areas of multiple and complex needs, criminal justice, psychiatric disability rehabilitation, youth residential care and homeless and street outreach services.

Brendan was awarded the Victorian Education Excellence Award for the Outstanding Secondary Teacher of 2009 and the Australian Federal Closing the Gap Award of 2009 for strengthening relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. In 2014 he was recognised by Monash University as the Education Faculty’s Distinguished Alumni.

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